HighWater Innovations, LLC, founded in 2010, is a partnership between Dr. George Brilmyer and Michael Gilchrist.  The company is engaged in both manufacturing and design / engineering projects with special expertise in electrochemical design.  Its mission is to create products that:


• Support the environment through improving systems by making them “greener” (recyclable, use less energy, etc.)

• Improve safety and efficiency in battery related systems.

Both partners have extensive experience in the battery industry and between them have functioned in positions involving:


  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Research
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Executive management


The company is currently developing two products based on its intellectual property.


PlaneGard™ containment cases for airlines (and FlareGard™ containment cases for ships, office buildings and hospitals) are designed to safely capture and contain burning lithium-ion batteries in Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s).  HighWater Innovations is currently manufacturing and marketing this patented technology in their Kingsport, TN location.  For more information see www.PlaneGard.com.


The GO Battery™ is a low-aspect ratio, spiral wound battery, which is designed for maximum power and life.  The GO Battery™ is specifically intended for use in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s) at a fraction of the cost of current battery technologies – nickel and lithium chemistries.  The GO Battery™ has achieved over 900 Watts/kilogram in power performance to date with a clear development path to over 1400 Watts/kilogram.  More information on the GO Battery™ can be found under the PRODUCTS tab on this website.


HighWater Innovations’ business model allows for manufacturing of products it develops as well as combining its resources with a strategic partner and/or divesting its products and/or technology. For more information, you may contact either partner at 844-756-3473 (toll free) to discuss.


HighWater’s offices are located in Johnson City, Tennessee with manufacturing facility, design and prototyping labs located in Kingsport, Tennessee.




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