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HighWater Innovations, LLC, founded in 2010, is a partnership between Dr. George Brilmyer and Michael Gilchrist.  The company is engaged in both manufacturing and design / engineering projects  with special expertise in electrochemical design.  Its mission is to create products that:


  • Support the environment through improving systems by making them “greener” (recyclable, use less energy, etc.)
  • Improve safety and efficiency in battery related systems.


 Batteries are an important aspect of everyday life and we should strive to use them wisely in our designs”, says Brilmyer.


  Gilchrist adds, “but we can’t forget about consumer safety as we push the energy densities higher and higher in our personal electronic devices


HighWater’s offices are in Johnson City, Tennessee with their manufacturing, design and prototyping facilities located in Kingsport, Tennessee.



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